The sport of cricket is introduced by south-east England in the late 16th century and after the end of the 17th century, it became the country’s national sport. In the 19th and 20th centuries, it was developed globally. The main reference to cricket being played as a grown-up sport was in 1611 when two men in Sussex were arraigned for playing cricket on Sunday as opposed to going to church. around the same time, a word reference characterized cricket as a young men’s diversion and this recommends grown-up cooperation was an ongoing improvement. the first international match was played in 1844 between the USA and Canada. The match was played at St George’s Cricket Club ground in New York. cricket is the 2nd most loved sports after the Football. International Cricket Council(ICC) Is the Governance of

cricket who implemented the rule and regulations in cricket. Its membership in over one hundred countries & territories and only twelve test playing nation in it. test cricket is the longest format of the cricket which takes total five days and both teams have played two innings each. cricket began with four balls per over, four-ball over was replaced by a five ball over in 1889 and then in 1900, this was changed to the current six balls an over. In 1960s English teams started to play the short version of cricket, In this short version of cricket have only one inning each and the limited overs per innings.

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