Test Cricket

1. Test Cricket- The longest form of the cricket and is considered its highest standard is Test cricket. Test matches are played between national delegate groups with Test status, as decided and presented by the International Cricket Council (ICC). Test cricket is all about

to test the batsmen technique. The two teams of 11 players play a four-innings match both teams have two innings each, which may last up to five days. It is by and large thought about the most entire examination of teams playing ability and technique. The name Test comes from the long, overwhelming match being both mentally and physically testing. the first officially recognised Test match was played between England & Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on 15-19 March 1877, Australia won that match by 45 runs. A Test match to praise 100 years of Test cricket was held in Melbourne on 12– 17 March 1977, in which Australia beat England by 45 runs. its just co-incidence Australia won both matches with a margin of 45 runs.

Teams with Test debuts:-

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